The selling process takes you through 4 phases:

  1. 1 Initial
  2. 2 Developing & Implementing a Marketing Plan
  3. 3 Day-to-Day Agent
  4. 4 Negotiating
    the Offer

Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation we discuss your needs and expectations in terms of time and money. Every seller’s needs and timeframe requirements are different. This is why we take the time to understand where we all want to be.

During the initial consultation we:

  • Identify your objectives.
  • Generate a comparative market price analysis.
  • Recommend improvements to enhance marketability.
  • Supervise and implement staging improvements such as paint, carpet, cleaning and furniture placement.
  • Set an appropriate list price and follow-up pricing strategy.

Develop and Implement Marketing Plan

Once we understand your goals, we’re ready to promote your property. Marketing is crucial for selling your property. You need to understand that buyers will not simply walk through your front door. Only through an effective marketing plan can you attract and impress buyers. To this end we develop and implement a well thought-out marketing plan fully customized for selling your property.

Day-to-Day Agent Activities

With the marketing plan put into effect, our agents begin their selling endeavors. These day-to-day activities involve hard and smart work that brings you closer to the perfect sale. Selling a home is a full-time job and lots of work goes on “behind the scenes”.

Our seasoned realtors:

  • Schedule, track and record all showings and request agent feedback.
  • Meet all non-represented buyers at the property.
  • Coordinate direct mail / advertising / promotions.
  • Present property to the community and solicit their help.

Negotiating the Offer to Purchase Your Home

This is the final phase of the selling process where we help you carefully review the sales contract and other related documents. We also help you negotiate the selling price, along with other contract terms, to get you the best deal.