What determines my home's value?

A lot of factors affect your home’s market value. From condition of the house and its location to the size and comparable sales in recent times, there are numerous factors that determine your home’s value. A Pilkerton Realtor is the ideal person to help you assess your home’s value. We will analyze the market and determine a fairly accurate selling price.

How do I maximize my home's value?

From extensive remodeling to a new paint job, you can choose from various ways to enhance your home’s value. You can also focus on renovating specific areas of your house such as your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. New installations such as modern window treatments and lighting can also do that job.

What is the right selling price?

Ultimately, the market and prospective buyers will determine the selling price of your home. Keep in mind that it’s generally easier to sell your house when it is first listed. Once the listing hits the market you can expect to have a lot of showings in the first 10-15 days. If you overprice your home, it can spend a longer time on the market and become old news. What happens is potential buyers may think that you’re getting desperate and make lower offers, which you ultimately may have to accept.